Monday, November 5, 2012

iPad case cover

It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato. ~Lewis Grizzard

The extra hour gave me extra energy to make an iPad case cover for my Tomato. I asked her to draw her signature icon so I can add it onto her case. Oops, I forgot the "highlight" =.)
  I used old jeans to make the case, fabric scraps (from an old Spiderman tee) and green felt for the tomato itself.
  At first, I only used batting (the ones quilters use) for padding but it's so flimsy that I have to rip it open to add bubble envelope to make the case stiff. It works!
 I've had this tomato print forever. I've made her a pair of pajamas that she's LONG outgrown and a pillowcase which she still loves. There was just enough scrap to use as lining for this simple project. I covered the button with it, too. Really cute!
  I didn't do anything fancy to finish up the edges because that will take way too long. I simply serged it for a clean finish. Sturdiness is my main concern with this project.
I LOVE SEWING. I just don't like the mess I make when I'm sewing, and the time it takes!
 But my homegrown Tomato is so worth it all.

Here's some iPad case DIY projects you can make, too. I'm sure there's more out there. If and when you make one, please share, ok?

Top 10 DIY iPad projects
DIY iPad case project from a bubble mailer envelope

Have a fun day with your homegrown fruits of labor =.)