Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project: Kindle Cover

To READ is to FLY; it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries. ~A.C.Grayling

My friend's daughter (also, my daughter's friend) just got a new Kindle and would like to have a cover for it. So I made one using an old book. 
 As soon as I "gutted" the inside, my son said, Wait, I haven't read that book. Aiya! This book was not for reading. I picked it up for projects. Anyway, I gave him the text to read.
I scanned covers of her favorite books (Percy Jackson Series), made a collage out of it, added a quote, and printed it out. I'm using another old book here because the other one wasn't thick enough. I'll use those book pages for other projects later.
Before doing anything, I secured the inside spine with duct tape. Did I mention Duct Tape is your friend here?
After doing so, I scored the printed collage lightly with an exact-o knife so it'll fold over neatly.
Next, I wrapped the cover page as if I'm covering a book and tape the inside. Easy, yeah?  
Do the same for the back cover. Before I secure the outside spine with more duct tape, I covered both front & back with clear contact sheets for protection from getting ripped and dirt.
This is how it looks like when spread out. 
Now for the inside. I cut a cardboard to fit inside the "book" and covered it with fabric. Drilled holes to put elastics through (duct tape the inside) that will eventually hold the Kindle. I have a mock-up of the Kindle to make sure it fits.
Before attaching this fabric-covered cardboard into the "book," I drilled a couple more holes in the back of the book itself to put a wider elastic. Again, duck tape the inside.
 I generously & very quickly used glue gun to adhere the fabric-covered cardboard into the book.
 It's practically done!
 This is how it looks like when it's closed.
 My daughter drew a picture of Artemis and we attached it on the other side of the page. I also put a see-through pocket for important papers/reminders/pictures to slip in.
And here she was opening her gift. On her 13th birthday.
We're so pleased that she liked it. It makes "creating gifts" more fun and worh it.
Here's a link with other ideas how to make Kindle or iPad cases. Have fun and share them with me.