Friday, October 21, 2011

Knitting with a Purpose

"...knitters just can't watch TV without doing something else. Knitters just can't wait in line, knitters just can't sit waiting at the doctor's office. Knitters need knitting to add a layer of interest in other, less constructive ways.” ~Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (This is so true...even at stop lights, I pick up my knitting =.)

A few years ago when we visited the islands where my parents were born and raised, my daughters befriended some local girls who wanted to learn how to knit. We got ahold of chopsticks, pencil sharpener and yards of yarn for some knitting lessons. Taught by my then almost 11 year-old who knitted relentlessly at that age. See her creations here.
Today she seldom knits due to her very busy school schedule. But once in a while, we'll have our knitting/crocheting sessions. In the coming weeks, we'll be busy knitting scarves to help out St. Anthony's Holiday Knitting Drive.  Join in the fun.

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