Wednesday, February 9, 2011

String of Hearts

A heart that loves is always young. ~Greek Proverb

This is such an easy and eco-friendly project.  The only thing that takes time is the cutting out of the hearts.
I used old magazines, scraps of scrapbooking paper, junk mail, anything that's not too flimsy.  Make a heart template out of cereal box, trace and cut away.  No need to be perfect.  I had my kids do it.
 Then sew them altogether.  Use the widest stitch.
 And hang it up.  That's it.  Done!  OR you can do it this way.
Lunar New Year usually comes around the same time as Valentine's Day so I brought out the good ol' red lantern.
 This was actually last year's decor.  So simple yet festive enough.
This year, I finally strung together the origami cranes my kids made from way back when.  I'll post those later...
 In the meantime, "MAKE A HEART" =.)
I love thee for a heart that's kind. Not for the knowledge in thy mind. ~W.H. Davies, 1870

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