Monday, January 31, 2011

"OWL" Be Yours Forever...

My middle child went through the Guardians of Ga'Hoole (Legends of the Guardians) phase.  She read the books ferociously, and even joined an OWL drawing contest with Aaron Brothers soliciting many to rate her illustration.  She didn't win but she had great fun.
Thus inspiring me to make Barn OWL plushies myself.  I've never made a plushie before but I thought it would be easy since they're mainly basic shapes: rectangle (rounding off the edges) for the body, circles for the eyes, cone/circle for the beak, and heart for the face.  That's how my kids learned how to draw, with basic shapes which I just discovered can be applied to sewing, too!
I used old sweaters/sweatshirts/scraps, nothing bought.  And I stuffed them with used fabric softener sheets. After every laundry (which I do a lot of), I saved those softener sheets--enough to stuff a small plushie.
I also have this iron-on adhesive since forever.  I've made several projects with this one roll.  And I have more.  Just follow the directions in the back of the package.  So, so simple.
Here's my first OWLY (as my son refers to) attempt.  A little on the stubby side.  But cute.  It's been tossed around like a ball, and cuddled a lot.  Poor thing.  Still in one piece to this day.
It also kept my sick girl company last Thanksgiving.
Here's my second attempt.
This one's with a tutu.  It's for a little girl who adores owls. (Hi Jessie =.)
I even added my own label.  I should've placed it under the lace.  Oh well.
 Here's the last one I made for my daughter's good friend. (Hi Camri!)
 She helped me placed the eyes and stuffed it with fabric softeners.  It could be an ornament but it was too big for our small tree =.)
Ok, your turn to make one.  It's so easy! I hope to make more soon.  Fun gifts for little hands.

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