Thursday, January 6, 2011

Costume 2010: Officer Amelia Pond Police (Dr. Who)

Some of you probably know Dr. Who from way back when.  I don't.  Did you know that it's the longest- running science fiction television series ever in the world?  It's in the Guinness World of Records.  Since 1963---the year I was born!  Yes, I'm that old =.)  We don't have TV but it's my girls favorite show...via online streaming.  As barely as they watched it, they know so much about it.  From peers, where else.  So, if you ever hear 9, 10, 11...those are the regenerated Doctors.

At any rate, one of the recent characters is Amy Pond whom my middle child aspired to be.  There's no available photographs so she took them from an episode she downloaded. It's very detailed as you can see.  But it wasn't anything unusual.  I practically have all the materials except for the big checkered scarf and stripes.  
I kept my "bobby hat" from my 20s and thought if I ever had kids, they may like it.  
Well, it's been used and abused, and it's still in great shape (unlike its original owner!)  Excuse the mustache, I was taking a photo of my son's Super Mario hat prior to this, and the face hair just fits.  So I kept it on.
Went to the Dollar Store and found FBI kits for $1 with a mini-baton, radio, etc.
She knitted her own handcuffs. 
For the vest, I used a fleece-type material, and for "POLICE" badges (front and back), I used t-shirt scraps with iron-on adhesive on more remnants from previous projects.  The only material I bought was the checkered fabric for less than $3 a yard, and I have plenty left.
 Here's the complete ensemble with the vest, scarf and hat.  She was very specific with the details.  Doesn't she look tough?  Don't mess with her.
She took off that weekend catching interesting characters.  What a blast!
“Your struggle is futile.” ~Doctor Who


  1. Great Ate. She looked tough and cute!

  2. Isn't she?
    Thanks for always visiting and always encouraging =.)