Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blue Jeans Revolution {Ascot}

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. ~Epictetus
I've found many uses for my old jeans collections.  One of them is an ascot.  WHAT, in the world, is an ascot?

Per Wiki, an ascot tie, or ascot, is a narrow neckband with wide pointed wings, traditionally made of pale grey patterned silk.  Ascot was worn in the early decades of the twentieth century regarded as an elegant form of casual dress. Ascots of the casual day cravat variety were popular fashion in the UK for teenaged and young adult males from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s, coinciding with the mod and psychedelic movements.
It was a craze in the 60s along with tye-dye shirts, bell bottoms and peace necklaces.  In Toy Story 3, Ken is shown wearing an ascot when he meets Barbie. 
Now that we know what an ascot is, we can create one.  I found this seriously easy way to make it.  First make a pattern like this one.  Yes, I know I'm not following the bias.  This is called free-style sewing =.)  And instead of pinning the pattern, I used rocks as weights.  It's simpler, no hassle.  My kids collected them when they were little  and painted on them. Now they come in very handy.  I use it all the time.
Cut away...cut 2.  You'll be sewing it together at the narrow end.
You'll need another type of fabric with interesting patterns.  I grabbed this Japanesey kind of fabric/pattern at SCRAP.  Do the same thing, cut 2, sew narrow end together.
Next, place right sides out and sew the outside part.  Pin them first before sewing.  It should look like this.
Found some lace from my "I could use this someday" stack, and I do get to use them =.)  Sew it on the jean side.
Here's the final look. Frays and all.
Tried another time for Chinese New Year.
I got my idea from this book, Denim Revolution. Get a copy. Better yet, borrow it from the library to churn your creativity. I'm sure you have some old jeans laying around waiting to be revived.
Whatever you're wearing, your smile is always the best accessory.  Wear it well.

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