Thursday, July 29, 2010

Upcycled Hall Passes

"You Shall NOT Pass..." ~Gandalf, the Grey

Mr. Philpot, Taylor's & Diego's 3rd grade teacher, is one of most frugal and economical, eco-friendly teacher I know. He takes the bus to school, doesn't own a car, always brought his lunch, and he never waste anything. And one thing he didn't have was a hall pass that could stand the children's rough handling.  He always replacing them. I've been meaning to make him two hall passes from the beginning of school as a Christmas gift, birthday gift, teacher appreciation but never got around it until the last day of school. I'm such a procrastinator!  I worked on it on the last day of school, literally!

So, here's what I did:
- Think of a theme
- Gather all materials 

Materials I used (most of these things you find around the house):
- old Star Wars Valentine's cards
- stickers: Star Wars, Toy Story, alphabet 
- cardstock & different shades of scrap paper
- teacher's photos
- paper cutter/scissors
- lanyard (you can buy this at any office supply store)

I cut a 4x6 cardstock and lay out the images/materials in any desired way (no design experience necessary)
I had 2 themes:  Star Wars (classic) and Toy Story (which just came out)
Keeping it simple and legible is key but be whatever you want to do.
I have old Valentine's cards and tons of stickers (including the old Toy Story ones which my kids were crazy about when they were little) that I've been saving for occasions like this.
Once I'm done, I went to Office Max to get them laminated.  Here's the front side...

and here's the back side.

Bought some lanyard.  Punch a hole on each pass.  And you're done!

You can also make backpack tags, name tags using all of the same materials and more.  Now GO make some and have fun!  And show me what you made...

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