Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't be such a (Tee) SQUARE!

"Aurë Entuluva!" -Hùrin Thalion
(Day shall come again!) 

Turning this Square into something Shapely...
I simply added elastic to the high (empire) waistline to add shape
TC loves the Quenyan language (Elvish) by JRR Tolkien and often writes on anything write-able.  I found this scrap of material she wrote on with her Elvish writing.
Took it and incorporated it with another t-shirt scrap to sew on the hemline.  Red, black & white are her school colors.
And here's a newly refashioned baby doll school uniform =.)
(Check out her other art work at Chorsah Gryphon @ Deviant Art.)

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