Thursday, January 21, 2010


How to tame this wild bucket hat?  I'm finally posting something to do with sewing, and some rippin'.
First, I took off petals from a bouquet of fake flowers (Dollar Store carries several).  I have beads that I've been saving forever...knowing I will use them someday.
That day finally came.  Sewed beads into the petals.
Just be careful because the petal material is not as soft as fabric.
This is a dangerous project =.)
But I thought the project came out nice and sweet...
...especially if your model is fun and cooperative. (At least for the moment--notice the change of countenance from one photo to another. Being a model is hard work!)
So I made another one for another type of hat and and turned out just as nice.  Two of David's family members received them for Christmas gifts.
Now go and make one.  It's so easy.  It's an all year-round project.
{As soon as this photo session was over, this girl yanked this hat off and was outta there. Kids! I tell ya.}

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