Monday, January 25, 2010

Portable Photo Gallery

She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes. ~Frank Deford

I'm not one to wear too much jewelry.  But I thought this was fun to make and wear.  Instead of carrying photos in your wallet, you bear them on your wrist.
I've had the materials, it seems like, forever.  I finally had the chance to use them last summer when we went on vacation (remember how I bring arts & craft materials for those down time?)  These photo pendants usually have plastic coverings to protect the images but that didn't seem to hold securely so I used good ol' Mod Podge.  It worked perfectly.  It created that scratchy, nostalgic feel to it.
I love the clasps the most.  They add such character even to the dullest design.  The bead pattern was very basic and simple.  The photos were cut carefully from the contact sheets that come with the batch of photo orders from Costco.
It didn't take that long to make this bracelet but the memory of each of these images will linger on for a very long time.  Looking at them makes me thankful that I truly enjoyed each challenging and exhausting yet ever so fun times.
I can't believe how that old adage, "they grow up so fast," rings so ever true. So, fellow-moms and dads, let's keep on enjoyin' every MOMent!


  1. This is my fav!! I wish I had time to do something like this!! Your pics are too cute!

  2. You'll have a bracelet of beautiful treasures. You can make them on your vacation. That's when I did it. Just have them handy =.) And share with me when you're done, ok? I'd love to see it.