Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Indie Cakes by Anastasia

Most of you know I wasn't born to cook or bake.  Not to say that I can't do either.  I have to feed my family, right?  I can actually whip up a really nice meal given a very nice incentive, of course.  With that said, I am always in awe of people who can make beautiful things to eat. Anastasia of Indie Cakes is definitely one of them.  Check out her website: www.indiecakes.com and order some good stuff from her. You'll be amazed at how handsome her creations are.

Last Christmas right after school was out (both our girls, now in 6th grade, attend the same middle school), much to my delight, Anastasia handed me a boxful of her baked goods.  What a very nice surprise! Okay, this is the topper.  I don't like caramel.  Never been a fan of such sweet.  But that weekend, Sydney & I were fighting over the last bite.  I would only get my caramel from Indie Cakes.

I wanted to take a very nice photo of the beautiful gift the next morning but I didn't think there would be any left so I decided to photograph it late that night when we got home. David wanted to order some but unfortunately, they weren't for sale.  She said she only makes them for friends.  These photos do not do justice.
Thanks, Anastasia.  We feel privileged to have received such a treat. Happy New Year.  And I'll see you very soon.

On another occasion, she made a special birthday cheesecake (per Sydney's request) for her 11th birthday last September.  I wanted to feature that one, too.
September is the perfect month to be born.  Both our girls were born that month.

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